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Emergency Room


24-Hour Emergency Room

The emergency department, open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, The emergency department is staffed with trauma trained nurses, physicians and on-call surgeons. The approach to treating the trauma patient is guided by an updated trauma plan with attention to the specialized needs of the pediatric patient.

Our primary goal as a designated Trauma Level IV Trauma facility is to heighten our staff’s awareness of the critical importance of providing rapid, efficient stabilization, and transfer of the trauma patient, and providing care to the trauma patient.

Our emergency department cares for everyone—and any age. We handle minor medical illnesses (strep throat, croup, rashes and earaches) to major traumas (cardiac, orthopaedic, respiratory and gastro-intestinal conditions). Due to our location in the gorge, Skyline sees a lot of recreational injuries. The most common procedures performed here include suturing, hydration, splinting of orthopaedic injuries, aphthalmic examinations, and foreign body removals.

Critical Access Hospital designation

Skyline Hospital has a Critical Access Hospital designation from the State of Washington. The Critical Access Hospital program was created by Congress in an effort to relieve the financial burden placed upon small rural hospitals who were greatly effected by the changes in the Medicare program in 1995 and the Balanced Budget Act of 1997. These changes have placed a severe financial burden on small hospitals that rely on Medicare to pay for up to 80% of services provided. Critical Access Hospitals are allowed more flexibility with federal rules and regulations and are also eligible for higher level of reimbursement from the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

To qualify for the critical access designation, a hospital needs to meet several criteria:

  1. Be located in a rural area;
  2. Treat no more than 15 patients per day, on average;
  3. Patients tend to stay relatively short periods of time in the hospital;
  4. Hospital has a family-practice orientation.



Skyline’s emergency room doubles as a convenient—and affordable—drop by care facility. Click here to find out more.



Tel: 509.493.1101
Fax: 509.493.4607
Address: 211 Skyline Dr.
              White Salmon, WA 98672


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